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Something to Crow About

I am pleased to announce new crow designs as part of our Fall/Winter 2016 collection.  I am wearing the test pair, with glinty blue beads, and getting happy comments all over town.  Are you ready for a flock, er..... MURDER in your gift shop?

Designing with the Monarchs


California Parks gift shops requested I add Monarch Butterflies to the Nettles offerings in both earrings and pendant styles.  I heartily agreed.  The digital collage with vintage elements and moon cycle...

Flamingos Have Flown In

What was that pink flash?  A flock of flamingoes have flown in!  Who knew?  I have been itching to create a flamingo pendant for some time now.  Since I have not grown up around these birds, I turned to Facebook and...

Mother's Day jewelry

     At Nettles Jewelry, here in Oregon, we are enjoying an early Spring, with all the birds returning, and plum trees in bloom.  Liliacs are in full swing this week.  If you are like me, you adore them in...

Love tokens

Love Token pendants were hot commodaties when tested out at holiday market.  Love Owls and Love Cats were huge sellers and elicited the biggest reaction of all my pendants on display.   Maybe people could...

The Buzz

I'm having a wonderful time selling my jewelry at our local Holiday Market. Sunday's favorite story: I created this new Honey Bee collage, and made up a few pairs to bring to market. I couldn't stop wearing them myself. I feel like the honey with my own sweet, dedicated bees tending me. Found the perfect little bronze flower dangle. A bee keeper came along and spotted them. She was thoroughly...

Lotus painting with three pendants

The Painted Art Jewelry Line


Hello!  Happy Spring!  I have a surprise for you.  It's been an amaaaazing season here in Oregon.  I've been hiking, planting the garden and already three trips to the coast because it's been so warm.  Crazy. 


Newest Mascott

Ruby is our newest mascott at Nettles Jewelry.  She's a marsupial, miniature possum from the rainforests of Brazil.  Also known as a Short Tail Opossum or STO.  They are a new-ish exotic pet in the US.  Half of our family is Australian and I have always been...

Barn Owl Earrings

How to Order Nettles Jewelry

Nettles is a green company offering wholesale art jewelry. Our products are sold in art galleries, boutiques, national park gift shops, bird centers, museum gift shops across the US and several accounts in Canada.

  • great price point
  • handmade in the USA
  • recycled glass, mirror and vintage candy tin
  • all jewelry reverses to either a second image or mirror (...
Fall Foliage

Autumn at Nettles

Fall in Oregon literally happened on the very first day of Autumn. The weekend before the equinox, my family spent a sunny, warm day on the coast, and playing in a friend’s pool.

Now we wake to overcast skies, Autumn rains, cups of tea, wearing socks, and temperatures...