Autumn at Nettles

Fall Foliage
Alysse Wed, 12/03/2014 - 21:37

Fall in Oregon literally happened on the very first day of Autumn. The weekend before the equinox, my family spent a sunny, warm day on the coast, and playing in a friend’s pool.

Now we wake to overcast skies, Autumn rains, cups of tea, wearing socks, and temperatures dropped 15 degrees.

Between rain storms, it’s actually perfectly enjoyable weather to bike with the kids along the river…..

Watch birds, and stop for a hot latte. I love Fall.  The leaves are turning already.  Time to pull out the sweaters.

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Alysse Hennessey is the owner-operator of Nettles Jewelry. She is happily living the good life in the Pacific Northwest, hiking with her kids, and playing ukulele in her spare time.