The Buzz

Alysse Mon, 12/07/2015 - 13:02

I'm having a wonderful time selling my jewelry at our local Holiday Market. Sunday's favorite story: I created this new Honey Bee collage, and made up a few pairs to bring to market. I couldn't stop wearing them myself. I feel like the honey with my own sweet, dedicated bees tending me. Found the perfect little bronze flower dangle. A bee keeper came along and spotted them. She was thoroughly delighted and declared them as her holiday gift to herself. That's the Buzz..... (These will be available as part of Nettles Spring 2016 line).


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Alysse Hennessey is the owner-operator of Nettles Jewelry. She is happily living the good life in the Pacific Northwest, hiking with her kids, and playing ukulele in her spare time.