Flamingos Have Flown In

Alysse Sun, 04/10/2016 - 15:54

What was that pink flash?  A flock of flamingoes have flown in!  Who knew?  I have been itching to create a flamingo pendant for some time now.  Since I have not grown up around these birds, I turned to Facebook and watched film footage of groups of flamingoes moving together, walking and dancing.  I have to say they are both beautiful AND hilarious.  I have a new appreciation for flamingoes.  

My handmade flamingo earrings feature a single bird from a vintage collection, that I have collaged with new materials and colors.  The pendant shows a solo bird on the front, and a nesting pair on the back created from an old stamp.

Nettles handmade art jewelry is created with original art, framed in salvaged window glass and soldered with lead free metals (copper, tin, silver).  Our line is handmade right here in my Oregon studio by my assistant and I.  We are proud to share our work with your museum gift shop, bird center, boutique or gallery.  

** As a fun promotional, if you mention this article with your next wholesale jewelry order, you will receive a free flamingo pendant.  **





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