Shiny new look for a shiny new year

Announcing the new look for 2017: our timeless nature art style, in a more contemporary setting, with gorgeous new matching chains.  Nettles pendants and earrings are now sporting a satin silver finish, instead of the dark patina.  The rustic and magical copper patina is continued on select designs. 

Chains are white plated brass.  I spent months shopping for new chain designs that are affordable, beautiful, durable and come with a satisfying safety inspection. I personally tested both chains for a month, before offering them on product over the holidays.  Six months later, I'm still thrilled with the look, feel and durability of the chains.  Among my many goals as a designer, I strive for health and sustainablity; jewelry that is beautiful for us, and beautiful for the planet.  All of my jewelry will always be made with safe, lead-free metals and beads.  *see note below from the chain distributer.

We will contine the vintage, dark pantina finish on a few specific designs.  If you love the dark pantina, you can continue to order your pieces with that finish, at no extra cost. 

*   The California lead classification system is NOT the same as the CPSIA's Federal children's-jewelry law, but it DOES explain lead content in our products. And, since California maintains the most stringent U.S. laws regarding lead content in adult jewelry components, their guidelines are good to follow for anyone concerned about jewelry safety—no matter where you live or sell your wares.

About the author

Alysse Hennessey is the owner-operator of Nettles Jewelry. She is happily living the good life in the Pacific Northwest, hiking with her kids, and playing ukulele in her spare time.