Valentines Line 2016

Nettles Jewelry's first Valentines- the love token series that is SWEET enough to show year around.  Not over-the-top pink hearts, but enduring images, under soldered glass, that customers can relate to for Valentines day, Mother's day, every day. 

I painted Love Cats and Love Owls for this collection and I'm pleased to report that they were the designs I sold MOST of in my five weeks of Holiday Market. I showed many designs from the Classic Nettles collection and all of my Painted line.  Customers bought Love Owls and Love Cats more than any of the designs and it was fun to observe that they received the loudest remarks too. 

Foxy Pair- charming sparrows on Foxgloves.  A second bird image on the reverse.  Size tiny.

Love Owls- original painting by Alysse Hennessey, reverse side says, "Owl Always Love You".  Size large.

Love Cats- original painting by Alysse Hennessey, reverse side is close up of kitty faces.  Size medium.

Heart Bird- my original collage, reverse side is a single rose image.  Size small.


Nettles Jewelry soldered glass pendants are always lead-free, and made with recycled glass, and the highest quality, non-fade photo paper and dye-based inks for the art work.


All Valentines and Nettles Jewelry Spring 2016 collection is available for wholesale here at and on Wholesale Crafts site.  Alysse Hennessey's painted series (yes the love cats and owls) are available on Etsy at Handsignal. 


About the author

Alysse Hennessey is the owner-operator of Nettles Jewelry. She is happily living the good life in the Pacific Northwest, hiking with her kids, and playing ukulele in her spare time.